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Mangoes hold some strange nostalgic power over almost all Indians, where even a whiff of a Kairi (raw mango) can transport us back to those sweet, carefree days of childhood during the summers.

Something similar happened to us yesterday, as we were out “hunting” for grocery item in this lock-downed land. In the deserted by lanes of Baner, a lone vendor standing with a basket full of raw mangoes atop his bicycle was a sight for sore eyes. As soon as that scent took us over, we were taken back to the days of Umami Brew’s inception. Last year around this time, we were getting prepped to officially launch our brand and so were Gayatri Desai and Rohan Hastak with Ground Up (Ingredient-first restaurant based in Pune). Gayatri happened to have some Kairis in Ground Up’s pantry and she very happily supplied those to us so we could experiment with some Kombucha for our very first pop-up! Just shredded Kairi  was mixed in salt and sugar by Gayatri and our Kombucha was second fermented in a teaspoon of that.

Glad to say that the experiment went very well and we were able to release a limited-edition batch which was sold out in no time!

Now you can imagine how that Kairi vendor on the lone street felt god-sent! After that, we went back to our kitchen satisfied with our day’s hunt and immediately got to making this Kairi Kombucha for you guys. It will soon be made available for pre-orders on our website and will be delivered to your doorstep once the lockdown is lifted.

Until then, stay in, stay safe!